Speaking of fires….brushfire in foothills of San Gabriels

See? Told you it was a bad fire season. That pretty pink sunset/smoke cloud is courtesy of a brushfire burning in the San Gabriel Mountains foothills above Azusa, CA, in the eastern San Gabriel Valley.photo

It’s burning in Fish Canyon, the site of another recent fire. This area is unbelievably dense with brush, so no surprise when a blaze starts.

Fish Canyon is also home to one of the gnarliest hikes in SoCal. The steep and nearly inaccessible trail leads to a waterfall that only flows (usually) in winter. It starts at a rock quarry (lovely, right?) and can be done as a long ass-kicking hike, or a shorter one that requires a shuttle from said quarry, but only on scheduled days, usually in the spring and early summer. You can read about it here.

Maybe the recent fires will clear some brush (and not harm any creatures human or otherwise) and make that hike a little less gnarly.

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