Save Cayucos Pier!

Pier lovers unite!

Anyone who’s traveled Highway 1 has undoubtedly snapped pics at two of the West Coast’s classic photo opps: lighthouses and piers. The 19 wooden piers in California are especially vulnerable to storms and decay, and many are in disrepair.

The classic wooden Cayucos pier along California’s Central Coast is one of them. In a big way.

Since July 5, the seaward end of the 953-foot pier has been closed for safety reasons. Local experts say the next big storm could completely wipe out the pier, which has 14 critical pilings missing and dozens of seriously damaged and unattached pilings. And with winter approaching, time is of the essence.

If you’ve been to tiny, funky Cayucos, you can’t miss the historic pier, at the north end of town. The base of the pier is near the Lions Hall, and a block north of Ruddell’s Smokehouse, famous for its smoked fish tacos. The pier, which dates to 1876, has always looked pretty rickety to me in the 15 years or so I’ve been going there. That said, on a recent trip, I was shocked to see the chain link fence blocking about one-third of the pier at its seaward end.

Underwater engineering studies are underway to determine the extent of damage, according to the San Luis Obispo Tribune, and repairs could cost in excess of $1 million. An SLO County report puts the price tag north of $2 mill (see image below).

There’s a donation box on the pier and money collected by is part of a pledge by Cayucos Pier Project and San Luis Obispo County to raise at least $100,000 to demonstrate community support and secure further funding. Stay tuned for results from that engineering report, due out this week.

Cayucos pier-Edit

Save pier

SLO Co. pier report

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