Farmer’s market fall colors


Still looking for fall color in the West? Forget the mountains….recent storms have put the lid on autumn leaves. Farmer’s markets are providing a palette of delicious color, and many in the West are open rain or shine, some year-round. Check out these goodies from the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market in late October. That basket above is filled with different types of eggplants…who knew there were more than just the big purple ones? Not me.

Fall and winter are not my favorite time for fruits and veggies…I’ll pass on the chard and pomegranates, thank you. Come back, stone fruits and berries! But thankfully my favorite vendor for heirloom tomatoes, Munak Ranch in Paso Robles, will probably have their unbelievably flavorful tomaters til Christmas (FYI they’re also at the Cambria Farmers Market on Fridays). This is them here:


And I’ve never seen these before…they just started showing up the last few weeks…they’re called Mouse Melons and look like tiny watermelons. Super cute. The vendor recommended just popping them raw into salads….they were a bit tart for my taste:

Mouse melons

And the old autumn standbys….rainbow chard and a rainbow of peppers:

Rainbow chard


And, of course, a variety of gourds…


Looking for a farmers market near you? A Web site called Local Harvest is a great source…just plug in your zip code.

Go forth and support your local farmers!

3 thoughts on “Farmer’s market fall colors

  1. Farmers Market Finds November 5, 2013 / 12:08 pm

    Do either of the markets you mentioned sell any crafts? If you see anything special, unique, fun along your travels please feel free to pass it along! We are always in search of new Farmers Market Finds!

    • Westcentric November 8, 2013 / 10:55 pm

      The Wed. Santa Monica market doesn’t, but the Sun. Main Street one does have crafts/handmade items, jewelry, etc. But mostly it’s Main St. vendors selling alongside the food vendors. Cambria market doesn’t have vendors, far as I know. Thanks for reading!

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