Happy holidays….

Sammy holiday

……from West-centric mascot Sammy, the rescue wonder dog, still kicking at 15 (we think). Speaking of rescue, please consider adopting from a shelter or, if you must go with a purebred dog, a breed rescue.

And speaking of the holidays, here are a couple ways to give back:

Feeding America lets you search for food banks in your state.

A portion of the proceeds from a bambeco sustainable gift goes to The Nature Conservancy.

Protect monarch butterflies, adopt a wolf, defend marine life, safeguard bobcats with a Natural Resources Defense Council Green Gift.

Adopt a wild animal through the Sierra Club.

Donate to the Morris Animal Foundation and double every dollar you give from now til Dec. 31. The foundation is a nonprofit that invests in advances in veterinary care for companion animals, horses and wildlife.

After all, it’s not all about getting a new fly rod from Santa. More later on how that turns out. Have a happy, healthy, everyone,

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