Rose Parade highlights and lowlights

Service alert

Better late than never with this. I’m not a huge Rose Parade fan but every year there are one or two floats that catch my interest. This year, I wanted to see rescue dogs performing on one of the floats and a couple getting married on another float, so I headed on over to Colorado Blvd. for a bit. A couple other entries caught my attention, so here are what I considered some, um, standouts from this year’s parade:

  • I don’t know what the heck that dog on the earth mover is supposed to be representing. And I forget who’s float that was …..L.A. DWP? A float about underground service alerts? Maybe I should’ve listened to the TV coverage to find out.

Rescue dogs

  • This float represented a fairly new rescue organization called Lucy Pet Foundation, which was created by the former president of Natural Balance pet foods and the former Los Angeles SPCA director of veterinary services. The group does mobile spay and neuters for those who can’t afford it. Plus rescued shelter dogs did amazing tricks while on the float. So gets a thumbs up from me.
  • These Norwegian Fjord horses (below) were making a first-time appearance in the parade and everything seemed to go smoothly. They’re super cute and I can’t believe they do dressage.


The horses were followed, of course, by a cleanup crew.


  • And finally….my jaw dropped when I saw this float. Sea World, unbelievably, had a float anchored by two orcas. Did they seriously think they wouldn’t catch any flak for that, after the film Blackfish exposed the abuse of these marine mammals? Sea of Surprises indeed. That took whale-sized cojones.

Sea World

I didn’t find out til later that a friend from PETA was one of the 19 arrested when they tried to block this float at the start of the parade. Now, I’m no vegan. I catch fish (and release them). I ride horses. I own a purebred (tho rescued) dog. But, as PETA points out, 21 orcas died at Sea World facilities between 1986 and 2010. Not to mention the trainers who were injured while ‘training” these stressed animals. The sheer arrogance of Sea World I guess was no shock, but seriously, folks, please see the Blackfish documentary and it’ll change the way you look at “performing” animals. Lowlights indeed.

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