Cayucos pier weathers the storm

Cayucos pier-Edit

This is a good news, good news report. Back in September, I did a post about the efforts to raise funds for rehabilitating the rickety pier in Cayucos, along California’s Central Coast. I’m glad to report that: A. Enough funding ($230,000 worth) was received to begin the rehab work in November, which involved strengthening pier pilings with steel beams; and, B. The monster storm that hit California on March 1 didn’t damage the pier. Without that work, it’s likely the pier would’ve become a pile of toothpicks.

The photo above is from October, before the restoration work began. The pier was partially closed at that point, and closed entirely in December, which is how it’ll remain for at least a year. Help Save Cayucos Pier is taking donations for the $2-million repair work. According to a story in New Times, the work done so far was initial stabilization, just to keep the pier intact before a permanent fix can be made.

Elephant seals north of Piedras Blancas lighthouse on California's Central Coast.
Elephant seals north of Piedras Blancas Light Station on California’s Central Coast.

The storm wasn’t as kind to other area piers, including the Avila Beach Pier, which lost some boards from its boardwalk. The San Luis Obispo Tribune did a good roundup story on the damage. High wind and waves also did a number on the local pinnipeds. The Cambrian newspaper reported that many elephant seal pups were lost in the storm, and the colony at Piedras Blancas was forced to take shelter on a narrow strip of sand near the viewing area south of the light station.

The photo above is from a recent visit, post-storm, and not at the public viewing area. More on the seals with a prominent proboscis in a future post.

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