Pet people: Walk your dogs, please!

PETA PSA/indoors

A funny new online PSA from PETA called “It’s Their Walk” featuring actress Molly Shannon (dog owner) and writer/actor Mike White (the dog!) expounds on the virtues of walking your dog. In the video, Shannon transforms from self-centered dog-neglecter to responsible dog owner.

PTA PSA-front doorToo many dog owners see dog-walking as a burden or chore, when in fact it’s healthy for both canine and human. Hey, nature fanatics — it’s a simple way to get in some outdoor time!

I love this PSA, and not just because I was involved in the filming (nice house!) That handsome fellow on the wall behind Molly is the irrepressible Teddy the chocolate Lab, a rescue with many medical issues who left us too soon.

The ASPCA has a good page on the importance of dog exercise, and helpful tips on keeping Fido engaged. Dogs are social animals, love to explore their surroundings (and I don’t mean getting stuck in the backyard or dog run) and aren’t meant to be couch potatoes.

It was super cool to meet Shannon and White, who are both animal lovers and supporters of PETA. Tho I do think Mike should have had his leash clipped to the back of that harness 🙂

2 thoughts on “Pet people: Walk your dogs, please!

  1. West-centric March 26, 2014 / 4:18 am

    I know, right? Makes me crazy when I’m walking my guy and see others trapped in yards.

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