Guest post from Blue, straight outta the shelter

Blue outside

Hi everyone. Name’s Blue and I just arrived at my forever home after spending about 6 weeks at the Pasadena Humane Society. Boy, did that suck living in a concrete kennel. But I made some great friends there and will really miss the volunteers who loved on me. And when they all came out to say goodbye, I knew they’d miss me too.

My new parents have been taking me on lots of neighborhood walks and I even got to check out Lower Arroyo Nature Park and the Pasadena Casting Pond. Wow, what great sniffs. My folks keep talking about taking me to do something called “hiking,” which sounds like it might be alot of fun.

But I get really, um, excited when I see other dogs…and squirrels…and birds…and anything (other than humans) that moves. Except for my new brother Sammy the elder Lab, who’s super chill. I’m still getting used to my new surroundings, so I gotta say, it’s pretty scary when I see other dogs walking around — who knows what they might do to me? 

So my peeps are gonna take me for something they call “reactive rovers,” training. I think that means I gotta calm the f- down so everyone knows what a good girl-dog I can be. My mom thinks my theme song should be “The Walker” by Fitz and the Tantrums (one of those spin class songs that bores into your brain…it’s true that 99 miles per hour baby, is how fast that I like to go) but my dad hates that song. 

So, maybe I’ll see you around the ‘hood. Word of warning: I’m a big-time kisser. And I’ll do some more posts in the future….yeah, I’m kind of like that Dog with a Blog. But more bad-ass.

Here are some pix of me. I don’t wanna brag or anything but…am I a looker or what?

I was really good getting my first bath…

And at my first vet visit…

Blue at vet

Do you like my spots and my long neck? My coloring really matches the furniture!

Blue neck and spots


Caltech has high-quality grass for rolling….and I really really really like to roll…

I’m pretty high-octane, but when I crash, I crash. My mom calls this “Study in Blue.”

Study in BlueSome photos here courtesy of


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