On West-centric, I write about the things I care about, and hopefully inform and entertain in the process. What I do: visual journalism, writing, editing, blogging, photography. Unfortunately, my most recent employer, a large West Coast media organization, was clueless about what it takes to cover the outdoors and tried and failed at both an outdoors section and an outdoors blog. This in a state with 1,200 miles of ocean coastline, six major National Parks (and dozens of NPS sites and preserves), 18 National Forests, a major national recreation trail (two, if you count the John Muir Trail), more than three dozen National Wildlife Refuge and management areas, several major rivers and watersheds, and myriad outdoors opportunities.

Luckily there are plenty of outdoor blogs and forums to fill the gap left by mainstream media. I list a few of my favorites in the Blogs I Follow widget.

What I care about: outdoor travel, hiking, backpacking, skiing, flyfishing, wildlife, horses, dogs, craft beer (sorry Bud and Coors) and environmental and outdoor issues of the Western U.S.



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